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About Wash Masters 8 Car Wash at Prosper

The team of advisers and professional detailers at Wash Masters 8 Car Wash at Prosper, as well as its complete cleanup crew, have been carefully selected to serve you, based on experience, professionalism and customer care experience.

What’s more, our Wash Masters 8 Car Wash at Prosper equipment and design are the best the industry has to offer, featuring a soft cloth wash system and the finest soaps and waxes available.

Man's hand is cleaning and waxing the car

Attention to detail, quality of service, and complete satisfaction mark the long-term relationships we have developed with our many repeat customers. We offer a variety of car washes and other services, plus the opportunity to save on service costs as one of our Drive & Shine Club Members. As a Drive & Shine member, you can take advantage of special offers and coupons we make available to our regular customers.