Add-On Services

Add-on Services

Wash Masters 8 Add-On Services and Information

Wash Masters 8 goes beyond a full-service car wash. As you can see below, we offer a number of services outside of the washing portal. RainX Protectant will keep water from piling up on your windshield as a result of spring rains and random summer storms. Also, you can have your interior cleaned and freshen your car interior with an air freshener for cheap.

And we’re not afraid to do the dirty work. The Wash Masters 8 crew will get rid of the ever annoying and seemingly immovable tar buildup on your car. Tar buildup isn’t too common, but hail dings and natural wear and tear is. We offer Clay Magic to perfect the various imperfections on your car’s hood, roof and trunk cover. There is no reason to give up on conditioning your vehicle when Wash Masters 8 is nearby to condition it for you.

We offer exterior rubber treatment and Hog washes. Believer it not, sometimes cars are too muddy to get fully cleaned through a car wash. Hog washes go the extra mile in cleaning your car when it’s brought in from a muddy venture. And we’ll even clean custom wheels and shine your tires. Your car can be cleaned from bumper to bumper and dashboard to trunk through just one visit to Wash Masters 8. We take pride in our operations. Our goal is to service customers’ and their vehicles to the fullest. That’s why we intend for each customer to drive away knowing that his or her car is conditioned and prepped for months to come, internally and externally.

Come take advantage of our full line of car washing services! Summer has been dry as usual so your car is probably due for a wash. And when was the last time the interior of your car was cleaned?